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In the making: White Shirts_






These images are raw draft versions. They are currently going through post production at Gloss in New York City.



The project White Shirts is an art project exploring the effects of clothing and presentation by putting people in white shirts and taking their portraits. The first six photos in this series show alcoholics and homeless people whom I have met on the street. These individuals have often been intoxicated by alcohol, however they have all agreed to participate.


The photos are not trying to show these vulnerable people as victims. Instead they try to detach them from their environment and the surroundings where we normally en-ounter them. This way the viewer is forced to see them again. Sometimes you can be surprised.


The project is based on an original idea conceived in collaboration with Tobias Ritzau Kjærulf and then later unfolded and executed by Mathias Vestergaard.


It is still an open experiment that faces ethical dilemmas regarding the individuals and their respective lives.


Download the brief.


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