Mathias Vestergaard Corp.

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Our Office

Published on September 7th, 2009


Mathias Vestergaard™ worldwide headquarters in Denmark

Mathias Vestergaard operates globally with administrative headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark.  Read more.



The Team

Published on August 30th, 2009


The Team behind Mathias Vestergaard - Lina Søgaard Nielsen, Tone Frank Dandanell and Mathias Vestergaard

During 2009 Mathias Vestergaard™ was team of three. In addition to myself, the team included two part-time assistants: Tone Frank Dandanell and Lina Søgaard Nielsen.  Read more.




Published on June 13th, 2009



We all know and love Wikipedia for its great content. Always there to assist you with relevant info about everything from nuclear weapon design to the life of James Joyce. Now there is even a wiki-page about me.

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Network for Business leaders: KingsArmsNet

Published on July 14th, 2008


Preview of

KingsArmsNet is a new and exclusive network for twenty business leaders from Denmark. They met during a leadership training program and decided to stay in touch so they could exchange valuable insights and experiences. Since it is difficult to have collegues when you ate actually in charge, KingsArmsNet also functions as a social group. Read more.



Article: Latour, Oysters and Champagne

Published on May 1st, 2008


Cover of Kontekst #6

The full title of this article is “From Foucault and filter coffee to Latour, oysters and champagne” and it is my personal account of how I see voluntary work in student organizations and what I find so fascinating about it.

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