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Published on March 22nd, 2013


Over a lifetime I have gradually discovered, developed and refined my own executive coaching method. I now use it to help creative and entrepreneurial people think clearly, as they are taking on huge challenges, transforming products, companies, industries and cultures. To learn more about how you can think clearly, please see my company website

This website is an archive of the many projects that were all part of my journey towards this. It was a long and messy journey that took me through many different creative challenges.





_Think Clearly. My primary work, helping creative and entrepreneurial people. Link

_Sandbox. Community member. Co-lead of Class of 2012. Link

_Community Supporting Bakery. Link

_White Shirts. Art for change. Link/pdf


I’m not kidding_

I believe I can change the world and I want to die trying. Mathias Vestergaard Corp. is my personal umbrella organization for my projects and activities. It is founded on the vision of making the world a better place for everyone. As an executive coach I help others make their amazing ideas real. Through art I try to make people stop and think. And through entrepreneurship I try to change the way we organize work and collaboration.



Let’s have coffee_

You can reach me on e-mail:

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_Our New York. Photos for a new guide book about NYC by Sarah Holm & Anne Blume.

_GadeMode. Street style in Denmark 2007-2011.

_Signs Of Time. Art exhibition. Link

_Concept ads for Scandinavian Airlines Youth tickets. View all

_Photoengineering. Photography portfolio

_Fashion Week Live. Video production at Copenhagen Fashion Week.