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Doing the dream

Published on November 10th, 2009


Just a dream: a studio/loft in SoHo, New York...

One should be allowed to dream. My dream right now is something like this:
First of all I have established a New York based company – Mathias Vestergaard LLC or something. This company does the same as my Denmark-company: photography, writing and web development.
It is located in a huge loft/studio in SoHo – furnished in line with Yellow Cock Studio in Denmark. In addition to being my home in New York, it’s also huge enough to house a professional photo studio with light and editing equipment. When I’m not in New York the apartment will be available for vacation rental on a daily and weekly basis. Also, the photostudio is available for a daily rental.

N.B. the above description is just a dream. It has not been realized (yet). However, for the past weeks I have actually been working on something like this. I have seen some potential places and filed a petition for immigration so hopefully I can get a work permit.


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