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New job as my assistant

Published on January 18th, 2009


This grumpy man would probably not apply for a job as my assistant

I have decided to hire a part-time assistant to help me run my projects. I have no idea whether it will help me or whether it will just be more work. Since, I figured, even the best assistant will still need to learn something about my projects.

Another decisive factor would be the reward in terms of money. Will I end up spending all the money I make on my assistant instead, thus eliminating my own profit? Actually, this is not that much of an objection, since I rarely work for the money anyway. What I think is the ultimate question in this case is: will work be more fun if I have someone to share it with? And in this case I’m fairly certain the answer would be yes. Nevertheless, it won’t be just good old fun to be my assistant. A lot of it, however is. And anyone who would assist me would become part of this.

If you know someone who you think would be just right for the job, please forward the job description below to them.

Deadline for applications is set to February 1st when I return from my upcoming skiing holiday. Interviews will take place in mid-February.

This job is no longer available.


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