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Photo exhibition: Signs Of Time

Published on February 2nd, 2009


?Turner Rode The F-Train - Photo by Mathias Vestergaard

After visiting the photo exhibition of Jens Peter Engedal (“Yes We Can”, January 2009) I felt really inspired by his photo exhibition format. The exhibition was based on one single idea, which was thoroughly executed and consequently presented as his  personal statement.

I wanted in on this. Not only, did I like the end-result but the integral process of shooting, selecting and editing photos appealed to me as well. I just needed an idea. That in the end was easier than it seemed. Just before I reached my front door, I noticed it, patina or things that have aged.  That and dirt. Things can only appear to be clean in one way, but they can be dirty in so many interesting ways. This process, which I would label  “aesthetics of dirt” or “aesthetics of age” has appealed to me for quite some time now. I would for instance find it all over New York City but in Denmark it seems harder to come accross. In Denmark, we like things to be white, clean and preferably untouched.

Twelve months have passed and the show is now finally ready. The photos will be shown at
Hatch & Bloom Gallery
Vesterbro Torv 1-3, 3rd floor
8000 Århus C
From February 26th to March 26th.

You can see all the photos at


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