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Published on February 16th, 2009


Portrait of Anders

Contrary to some photographers, I love to shoot personal portraits. I like to experience how others perceive themselves and to try to capture this in a photo.

First, I sit down and talk to people. Or actually, I listen. I listen to their story. I ask them to show me photos of themselves where they look stupid and they tell me why it is they feel they look stupid. Is it a mere silly grin? Flappy ears, beaky noses? I ask them to show me photos of them, where they look good, and to tell me why they look good. Is it the way their nose looks? Is it the look in their eyes?

After this meeting, I try to figure out a way to shoot the photo. Together we find a suitable location. The whole process takes about two hours, and since this is a job I really enjoy, I don’t charge excessive amounts of dollars. If you’re interested in having your portrait taken please feel free to contact me.

As a reference, I have created a page with my favourite portraits.


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