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How I love to ski!

Published on January 18th, 2009


Mathias skiing in Sweden, 2004

I just love skiing. In just a week from now, I’ll be racing down the snowy slopes in Les Deux Alpes. The past few weeks, I have been training like a maniac to be ready.

My training programme could best be described as follows. Firstly, I have been swimming once a week and running twice a week, usually between 5,5 and 11 km (3,5 and 7 miles). All this in order to harden myself. Secondly, I have even conducted a series of rigorous jumping exercises during my runs in order to emulate the movements of telemark skiing, since this style can be substantially more demanding to your legs and knees compared to the more relaxed alpine style.

The photo was taken by my uncle on a trip to Sweden in 2004, and it is still the best and most illustrative photo I have of myself skiing.


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