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Project: GadeMode™

Published on July 29th, 2008


Screenshot of on July 29th.

GadeMode(tm) is a photo blog o street style phontography in Denmark, founded by Helle Rohde Andersen and myself. It shows one new picture every day, highlighting the characteristics and features of the outfit. Users of the site can comment on the photos and more generally, discuss fashion and design. It is the most influential street style blog in Denmark, with more than 2.000 unique individual visitors each day.

The site was launched in spring 2007. Helle Rohde Andersen and I had been discussing the project for some months and although we were a bit sceptic; we decided to do it. We were inspired by international street style blogs, mainly by the notorious blog The Sartorialist run by Scott Schumann. Originally we wanted to name the site “Sartorialist Denmark” to honor his site. However, we later decided that we wanted to keep the site in Danish with a Danish name. We ended up calling it GadeModeÅrhus which is merely a contraction of the Danish term for street style and the name of the city we live in. Actually, the seed had been planted more than a year before, when Helle Rohde Andersen and I started writing articles about fashion in the student magazine Delfinen. You can read about those articles here.

Most exciting, however, have been the many side effects of running a popular street style blog. “

Since we launched the site the user base has been growing steadily, and since the Fall 2007 ,we started recruiting voluntary photographers to help us capture the life on the street. We also expanded to cover the three major cities in Denmark (Arhus, Copenhagen, Odense).

Most exciting, however, have been the many side effects of running a popular street style blog. Helle and I have been invited to interesting events, offered freelance jobs as writers and photographers, participated in interviews for magazines, print and television and met a lot of interesting  people. So far, it has thus been a very exciting ride and hopefully it is not over yet.


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