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Hypertalk: digital life style

Published on March 17th, 2009


Poster for my talk

Today, I gave a presentation at the Århus Teknisk Skole for a class of multimedia designers. I was invited to talk about one of my favourite subjects of all times – me. I began my presentation by explaining that my ultimate goal was to save the planet and everyone on it.

After my speech, one of the students asked me “What would be the  link between your ultimate ideals and your fashion projects?” Somewhat startled, I tried to answer the best I could. Nonetheless,  it is not always that easy to link my actual work to my ideals. In the end, I don’t want to betray my ideals nor do I want to change my work or projects. My answer  therefore was two folded.Firstly, I am still learning. Learning to change the world of fashion or the world of boy scouts. Secondly, given the nature of my projects, I get to speak to a lot of people. Sometimes directly as I did today or at times, indirectly through the media, interviews and articles. Nonetheless, I always try to inspire the people I meet. Therefore, even if I fail in my objectives and do get caught up merely fostering my own business, I might still have inspired 10 others to go out and make a difference. In the end, that would thus bridge the inevitable gap between fashion and ideals.


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