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Talk: Entrepreneurship in a different way

Published on September 21st, 2007


How to become your own boss... poster for event at In Spe

Yesterday, I gave a short presentation on “entrepreneurship in a different way”, at In Spe (the entrepreneurial network at Aarhus School of Architecture). Usually, entrepreneurship is all about business plans, budgets and investors. My key point, in this presentation was that (especially as an architect) you can acually just start work. There is really no need to slow yourself down with all that planning.

Through a series of short stories, I further enhanced my key-points and throughout the presentation I tried to remain very concrete, concise and provided practical tips and tricks. One of the most difficult things for new entrepreneurs is setting the right price: how much are you worth? I explained my own price model. If you want to hear more about this, please contact me.


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