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IC4 test drive

Published on July 11th, 2009


No room for a notebook in the new IC4 trains

I’m a big fan of public transportation, especially trains. Thus, the implementation of the new IC4 trains in Denmark is of special interest to me. I live right next to the train service centre in Århus, so for the past four years I’ve seen the new trains parked literally next to my house. The new.. trains are gorgeous from the outside. Long and elegant with pointed noses, these trains signal speed and efficiency. Today I had my first ride with one of them.

Unfortunately the interior doesn’t live up to my expectations. The new IC4 seems noisier, the seats are not as good for sleeping since you can’t rest your head to the side, the interior looks like cheap plastic and the speaker system has a hissing sound. And worst of all: the brilliant flip-tables in the silent zones of the IC3 have been replaced with tables that make it uncomfortable to use even an ultraportable laptop. The only improvement I found was that the sensor-automated doors are more responsive.

Conclusion: for me, as a frequent traveller between Århus and Copenhagen, the upgrade form IC3 to IC4 is insignificant. However, the old IC3’s will replace several pre-IC3 trains on reginoal lines and here the upgrade will be almost overwhelming.


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