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New York – New Life – New Look

Published on April 5th, 2011


I have finally managed to move to New York. After five years of visiting, going in and out, back and forth I can now finally settle in. With a green card in my hand I can stay here forever and work for whoever.

It is a new life. New apartment. New furniture. I can try to do what I did in Denmark. Or I can start over. Start off in a new direction. I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do. But I have some small steps I need to do.

_I’m implementing a new visual identity for my own projects and my company. Also, this website needs a make-over.

_I’m starting a few new projects: Johnny Revolver, a photo agency for danish photographers. Ideas Are Nothing, a blog about ideation and effectuation. Better Slides, a resource and consultancy to help presenters improve their slide shows.

I’m busting with fresh energy. I feel I’m at the perfect time of my life. Ready to really kick start some cool stuff. Check out this little video. It gives you an idea of how I feel.


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