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Published on November 29th, 2010


A few things have happened. I just turned 25. I am no longer a student. I have a job. Two actually. And yet I’m about to leave it all behind.

I have successfully managed to finish my studies and can now proudly present myself with an academic title of – even though the moment where I choose to present myself that way, has yet to come. However, it feels very good to finish something (I failed my last exam and had to do it again. The photo above was taken the day I handed in the paper that I thought would be my last – but I was wrong).

Before I graduated I was offered a new job: teaching video editing and Flash animation at OOOJA. This is a quarterly two-week class that I enjoy very much. Nevertheless, two weeks later, I was also offered another job doing concept development with an idea- and design agency called Hatch & Bloom. This is also very interesting and this job currently takes up most of my hours.

And finally, my green card process, which I started preparing about two and a half years ago, seems to be coming to an end: within the next months I will most likely receive my US legal permanent resident status. This means that I can live and work in New York indefinitely. But it also means that I will have to move from Denmark. Give up my job and start a new life.

I am always in the making.



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