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Something I do not like: actual work.

Published on February 24th, 2009


My students presenting an idea for a new website

Yesterday, I wrote, that I am currently teaching a class in web development. All this working and teaching is a lot of fun, but I’ve also realised how hard it is to be out there all day.

It all begins in the morning. The actual waking up process, to the sound of an alarm clock is something I am already not used to. The alarm goes off around 7am,  which for me is about 1½ hours earlier than normal. The penetrating sound of the beeper is absolutely harsher than it is to wake up to the feeling of the sunlight gently filling up your room. So far, the toughest part. Next is, actually getting out of bed. An hour later, in a comfortable seat on the train, I am starting to feel fine. I now can look forward to a fun and challenging day.

Now, after my work-day is over, I sit down and contemplate. Overall, it was great. However, I do realize now, that a day of real work, an actual full day of stand-up comedy/teaching,  is really exhausting. When, I got home, I just wanted to lie down on the couch (which I don’t have – but the bed will do), sip a beer whilst reading the paper. For me, anything creative or remotely challenging seemed impossible.

This was an important realization for me. When my rather arrogant ego is annoyed with some other person’s lack of creative enthusiasm, I will now remind myself that it’s not because he or she can’t be creative, it is probably just because he works too much to have any energy left.


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