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Talk: VolunteEship at CBS

Published on November 27th, 2008


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Embarrasing ly enough, I actually slightly misunderstood the definition of “social entrepreneurship”, but I guess it wasn’t too much of a problem, since my aim was to inspire people in general and to think about entrepreneurship in a different way. Key to my speech: Redefining and perpetuating what I do.

Besides this rather uneasy start, my presentation evolved around the theme of finding “energy” , energy that makes you do something . Therefore I did not focus on: writing business plans, doing spreadsheets and drafting budgets. I rather explained how I started as a self-employed web developer at the age of 15 without any master plan,  it just happened. I also told the more elaborate story of how I met Helle (my business partner) in 2005, how we began writing articles for the student magazine Delfinen and how we ended up founding – one of the most popular street style blogs in Denmark.

To me, entrepreneurship is not just about success. I do a lot of projects that fail. Some project-proposals actually never see the light of day. Furthermore,  focussed on a project on online sales and how I wanted to play a little political prank. The talk evolved into a roundtable discussion and altogether it was a really interesting event that I can highly recommend.

You can download my slideshow from the event here (slides and notes are in english).

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