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Published on June 17th, 2009



At first I found Twitter to be way too invading in terms of privacy. Why would I want everyone to know what I’m doing right now? I already find the Facebook status-updates to be slightly over sharing – why would I need a new system?

It took me about a year since I first hear about Twitter in Denmark, until I realized what makes it sufficiently different from other social networks to provide value for me and my projects. Let’s first examine a few of the other networks. On LinkedIn you have ‘contacts’ e.g. people you do business with. On Facebook you have friends. In both case we’re dealing with a mutual realtionship based on the fact that you know each other in real life. On Twitter the relationship can be assymmetric. You can follow or be followed, however you only chose whom to follow. Of course, a lot of people simply follow their offline friends as they do on Facebook, but you can also search for, find and follow people with whom you have a shared interest. To keep things straight I have created a Twitter profile for each of my projects relating to a specific area of interest. Thus you can follow my more personal ‘general’ life @mathiasnyc, but you can also follow my master thesis @airportnyc, my fashion book @myfashionbook and GadeMode @gademode.


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