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New website for me

Published on July 7th, 2008



The personal website has evolved from a standard business card to an online portfolio. Some switched to blogs, whilst others moved into the online open spaces of social networks like MySpace and Facebook. My old website had become a Hemmingwayan island, perpetually isolated from the real action and consequently fragmented into numerous sub-sites for various projects.

A Google search for Mathias Vestergaard would reveal an incomprehensible list of seemingly unrelated websites in Danish and English, with no clear starting point.

The idea of this new website is to provide the connection between all my online activities and my physical self. It is meant to integrate my collection of reviews, articles, website projects, social network profiles, past and ongoing projects, photos, movies and more. Also, I have tried to update all my incoming links so they all point to this site, thus creating a starting point for further exploration.


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