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Talk: Taking the red pill

Published on May 28th, 2009


If businesses today want to succeed and be innovative they must dare to do something different. Dare to take the red pill.

On Thursday May 28th I gave a short eight minute talk at IT Forum Midtjylland Update 09. Proclaiming that I would save the it business by leading a new path of innovation powered by fun, joy and happines I compared myself to Moses, Jesus and Steve Jobs.

My intention was to keep it loose and entertaining while simultaneously trying to bring in a few truths about how I feel about the it business and the people who work in the it business. My starting point was the lack of innovation. Why, for instance, is it that you can’t have / or \ in filenames? If the it businesses want to be innovative they must learn to think in new ways, and I offered my humble help as the next savior.

Mathias Vestergaard wake up call.pdf (danish)


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