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Letter to the editor: silly season

Published on August 16th, 2008



During Scout Festival 2008, I tried hard to catch the attention of the daily press. I felt (and I still feel) that Scout Festival has some really interesting elements that were worth writing about. First of all, we made history by building the first newbuilt mosque in Denmark.

All existing mosques are old factory buildings with a carpet. Secondly, the festival was a physical manifestation of all the more flimsy words we talk about every day: innovation, creativity, freedom etcetera. It was all there – right in front of you. According to the Danish prime minister, Denmark is supposed to be a leader in innovation. Whenever government officials, however talk about innovation it seems that they have no real clue what it actually is or how it looks in real life.

But no matter what I did or said, it was of no real interest to the journalists, so I ended up writing a letter to the editor instead. In my letter, I formalized my complaint that the press was ignorant towards really important matters.

It was printed on Friday August 8th 2008, and can be found online, or you can download my original script here. (Danish only)


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