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Show review: Sexy Hausfrau

Published on February 8th, 2009


Sexy Hausfrau from Malene Marron

In an intimate space at LitteraturHaus in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district, Malene Marron presented her simple collection with a laid-back show. An almost ballet-like dance signaled clothes made for an active everyday life, and added variation to the show. On the girls, a series of light, silky nightgowns cut low on the back kept you wondering if the naturally beautiful models were wearing anything underneath, while hausfraus will enjoy the collection’s relaxed and cozy cardigans. For the boys, an overall punky cool look with asymmetric cuts, oversized collars and aggressively pleated pants made for a practical and active urban look. While not breaking any new ground, many of the items will find their way into wardrobes of minimalism-loving Scandinavian boys and girls.

Spread from Dansk Daily (pdf)


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