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My wish list, fall 2008

Published on November 3rd, 2008


Trend map, trend report, fall 2008 (actually these are the thing I wish for my birthday on November 27th)

So, I have a lot of wishes for my birthday on November 27th and again for Father Christmas. Here is an extensive list, including books, kitchen ware, fashion items and the quintessential hard liqour.

Beginning from the top of the matrix ( referring to the more academic/intellectual) there are a few books I would like to have in my shelf, e.g. Bruno Latour’s Science In Action, Rune Lykkeberg’s Kampen om Sandhederne and maybe even Dick Hebdige’s Hiding In The Light.

Shifting to the left side of the matrix (the practical stuff), I could really use a plain, simple and old bike. Ideally without much maintenance and worth too little for anyone to steal. Furthermore, a little table and a chair for my balcony would be great. Also, a sharpening steel for my kitchen knives and the incredibly masculine and beautiful sauting pan from Alessi would make cooking more fun. In addition to this, the Kaj Boyesen desert forks, would look great on the table.

Shifting gradually to the more aesthetically oriented stuff (fashion), I am on the lookout for a great leather bag. Larger the a briefcase but smaller than a weekend bag. Also, a pair of really cool black leather gloves and a raw belt with just a hook (instead of a buckle) would look cool paired with a pair of April 77 Jeans.

Finally, when we move to the more odd department to the right, I love the Sazerac Rye Whiskey and Old Fashioned cocktails with Pychaud’s Bitter. Not to mention a simple black/white stock film for my old Olympus OM-1 (the most beautiful SLR to date).


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