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99dolla forever

Published on April 14th, 2009


99dolla forever

The last two times I have visited New York City, I have had the pleasure of staying at 99dolla – the most remarkable bed & breakfast in the city.

In an obscure chinatown location, behind a steel door with a hand painted “41” and after climbing seven flights of stairs, you enter 99dolla. It’s a raw space, with visible pipes in the ceiling and cracked concrete in the bathroom, yet you feel instantly at home. This is partly due to your hosts – Jennifer and Emily. In addition to being increadibly nice, warm and friendly, they are also both increadibly interesting. Jennifer is a sculptural artist and Emily is a writer and project manager. They share a passion for good food and coffee and are both up to date on restaurants and galleries around town. For the first timers this information is crucial for a good experience. Of course you could just buy yourself a guidebook, but it is not the same as getting personal recommendations. Even for an experienced New York visitor I still learn a lot from those girls.

For a room in New York City, 99 dollars pr. night is pretty afforable, and compared to a standard hotel you get: access to an amazing living room where you can hang out and relax, watch movies on the projector screen, listen to music etc., free breakfast every morning including great coffee, fruit, eggs and juice, you can shower in the coolest shower I have ever seen, and you get to stay in an interesting neighborhood where you probably wouldn’t get to stay otherwise. There are several GREAT bars around the block, and many top restaurants are within walking distance. Furthermore, you are invited to use the kitchen if you want to cook your own meals or jsut brew some more coffee. However, the best thing is that you get to meet Jen and Emily.

But times are changing and maybe it will soon be over. Jennifer is going back to school to develop her artistic talent further, and she will be moving out of the city. Emily is currently looking for a new partner to continue running the place, but if it doesn’t happen, 99 will be a thing of the past. If you are going to visit New York before August, make sure to book a stay there(or be square)!


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