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Published on June 4th, 2009


My stop watcht after an eight minute presentation.

Every now and then I’m invited to give inspirational speeches about my life and my work. Recently I was invited to give a very short eight minute presentation at IT Forum Update 09 – read more about that speech here.

I’m always incredibly nervous when I give speeches. Not that I’m afraid that it will go wrong or just be bad – I’ve seen a fair share of incredibly boring speakers so I know I’m far from hitting the bottom. But I still want to do better. I want to be present in the room. I want to look people in the eyes. I want to deliver my points with precision and accuracy. And I want to be able to stick to my time window. If I have eight minutes I want to make sure that I use the time available without risking to miss the conclusion. As my ole Heuer stop watch clearly shows, I succeeded at least in terms of keeping in time. 7 minutes and 54 seconds – click! “Thank you for listening!”


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