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Published on July 20th, 2008


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I guess I simply enjoy doing things. This could range from: making coffee, to meeting someone or to writing a book. As a person, I write, I teach, I develop websites and webdesign, I help people start up their new projects or even companies, I take photos, attend meetings, study, read books and magazines. Luckily, I have found a way to make a living, doing something I absolutely love.

Not all of my activities make any money, but some of them do, and they provide for my other activities. Therefore, I do not distinguish between work and leisure.

Idealistically, I want to change the world, to make it a better place for everyone! Ambitious?  Well, yes,indeed. How am I going to do this? Well, I am still young, so there is no final plan or direction, so I am trying out different options. The idea of a career in politics is not part of the plan (yet). Instead, I am trying to get myself onto several company boards. This has proven difficult, but I haven’t given up. Whilst, I try to gain access to such influential positions in existing corporations, I also try to set up new projects and new companies. How will this contribute to making our world a better place?

I don’t distinguish between work and leisure.

Basically, my idea is that we have to revolutionize the way we work. In our Western civilized world, most people work too much. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, I have found that this massive workload has an unintended side effect. After nine hours of hard work it is simply not possible to care much for the environment or people in the third world. I guess it comes down to basic neural behaviour: as our energy level decreases, we rely ever more on the simplest parts of our brains – the parts governing the basic needs for food and rest. Hard work thus becomes an excuse to face larger more pressing global problems. In politics today, one can note such a pattern resulting  in quick- fix short term solutions. Henceforth, the papers are filled with political scandals and effortless back-bench policy making.

If we could change the way we worked, so that we could all work less and have more mental surplus to deal with the world in its majestic sense; I think we would have a much better chance of making a better world.

In order to further enhance my ideas, I also try to inspire people. I write columns, articles and hopefully even will be able to finish a book some day. In this way, I try to present an alternative life style.  A lifestyle, where it is not all about  paychecks or nice cars and fancy restaurants.


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