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Johnny Revolver – Jewelry for men

Published on November 10th, 2009


Johnny Revolver - Jewelry for men

Johnny Revolver is the name of a new jewelry collection for men, inspired by the legendary serial killer.Only very little is known about Johnny Revolver. A few books claim to have sources documenting his lige as a hitman in London in the mid 1800s. In the final chapter of J. S. Cockburn ‘Crime In England’ (1977) he mentions Johnny and claims that he lived from around 1835 to 1895, although his dead was never confirmed. As a whore child he grew up in a home for abandoned kids but escaped when he was a teenager and lived the rest of his life alone. In the more recent book ‘Serial Killers’ by P. Vronsky (2004) additional evidence links Johnny Revolver to a series of murders where the bodies were found with a black chain around their neck and a black rose in their hand.

The line of jewelry is inspired by the descriptions of the necklaces found on the dead bodies. It will be available for sale in stores and online before Christmas 2009 at prices starting around $200 / 1000DKK.



The Johnny Revolver project has been discontinued as a jewelry brand.



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