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Show review: Anglomania

Published on February 8th, 2009



While the young and beautiful girls had been browsing their grandmothers’ closets with lots of brown and earthy tones, white tuxedo shirts and pleated pants, the boys looked like they came out of London’s Saville Row, with sharply cut striped and checkered suits, bowties and vests. Read more.



Show review: Jean//Phillip

Published on February 7th, 2009


Jean//Phillip fw 2009 show review

Much like entering the Rick Owens store in TriBeCa, N.Y., the guests at jean//phillip’s exclusive show were greeted with the deep rhythms of warm and glitchy minimal techno, setting the mood for a no-nonsense show. Read more.



Show review: Vilsbøl de Arce

Published on February 6th, 2009


The scene at Vilsbøl de Arce 

Accompanied first by feminine jewelry-box music, the models marched out one-by-one wearing nude make up.

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Article: flagship stores

Published on February 5th, 2009


Page from Dansk Daily

New York – probably the city with the highest concentration of luxury flagship stores in the world. You can shop in Ralph Lauren’s country club-setting on the Upper West Side or experience genuine British elegance at the Midtown Burberry flagship store.

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Freaking Fashion Week

Published on February 4th, 2009



Copenhagen Fashion Week A/W09,  has arrived.  As for yours truly, I somehow ended up at the Dansk Daily office on Højbro Plads.

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My wish list, fall 2008

Published on November 3rd, 2008


Trend map, trend report, fall 2008 (actually these are the thing I wish for my birthday on November 27th)

So, I have a lot of wishes for my birthday on November 27th and again for Father Christmas. Here is an extensive list, including books, kitchen ware, fashion items and the quintessential hard liqour.

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Presentation: The making of GadeMode

Published on September 26th, 2008



Today Helle and I gave a short presentation about our website GadeMode and talked about entrepreneurship at the Varde Handelskole og Handelsgymnasium. We told the story about how we started and how the project has developed up until today . Our aim was to show that everyone can do a project like this and henceforth, we encouraged the students to start their own projects.



Website: Darklands Fashion Store Berlin

Published on August 15th, 2008



In addition to being an album by Jesus And The Mary Chain, Darklands is also a brand new fashion store in Berlin, Germany.

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Article: Online fashion

Published on August 9th, 2008


Cover of Dansk Daily, 9th of August 2008

Danish fashion brands such as; Designers Remix Collection, Wood Wood, Dyrberg/Kern, Vondahe are currently launching their own online stores, but such E-business can prove to be rather tricky. The breakthrough of e-business revolutionized the way people buy electronic equipment, and e-business has made competition increasingly fixed on prices.

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Article: From Gemstones to Jewelry: Georg Jensen

Published on August 8th, 2008


Cover page of Dansk Daily, 8th of August 2008

The Danish jewellery industry as we know it today can be traced back to the early 19th century. Around 1904, when silversmith and sculptor Georg Jensen started his workshop in Copenhagen in, he was initially inspired by organic shapes and insects.

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Project: GadeMode™

Published on July 29th, 2008


Screenshot of on July 29th.

GadeMode(tm) is a photo blog o street style phontography in Denmark, founded by Helle Rohde Andersen and myself. It shows one new picture every day, highlighting the characteristics and features of the outfit. Users of the site can comment on the photos and more generally, discuss fashion and design. It is the most influential street style blog in Denmark, with more than 2.000 unique individual visitors each day.

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Book-project: Fashion Theory

Published on July 1st, 2008


I generally stick to projects with short or very short time frames. I like to see the results quickly and to seek recognition for my accomplishments. However, during a summer holiday in Berlin 2007, I met up with Bill, a friend of mine from London.

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BA project: Cognition, Semiotics and Fashion

Published on June 5th, 2008


How does the mind process the perceptions of clothes and fashion? 

This paper outlines Rolands Barthes early semiologic inspired theory of fashion and discusses how this theory can be revised to fit later cognitive theories of language and semiotics.

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Article: A tailored master of the stage

Published on March 1st, 2008


Photo by Mathias Vestergaard.

During fall 2007 I spent three months in New York City. It was a great experience for me. During my time in Manhattan I wrote several articles about life in the city. While I was there I was contacted by Chris Pedersen, whom at the time was the fashion editor of Euroman.

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High-end Fashion store: Komakino 4.0

Published on October 1st, 2007


Preview of Komakino 4.0

The Komakino Guerrilla Store is an amazing men’s store in Vancouver, BC. It moves to a new location every year, following the constant fashion flux. With every move, there appears a new website and for me it was an honour to design this year’s. First, I developed the version 2.0 website, with panoramic images of the physical store. Read more.



Written exam: Photography and reality

Published on June 1st, 2007



This paper discusses the use of digital manipulation in fashion photography and how this is changing our general perception of photos in general. Read more.



Article: Fashionomics

Published on May 1st, 2007


Cover of the May 2007 issue of Delfinen (#133)

After a short break, Helle Rohde Andersen and I resumed our scribblings about fashion. In our fifth fashion article, published in the May 2007 issue of Delfinen (#133), we provide an account for how fashion affects national economics.

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Written exam: Body and clothing

Published on January 14th, 2007



This paper examines the move from a Cartesian distinction between body and mind to a phenomenological body in-the-world.  Henceforth, it discusses how clothing in many ways became an integral part of our body, since covering the body is the rule, since public nudity is considered unappropriate .

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High-end fashion store: Komakino 2.0

Published on November 14th, 2006


Preview of the Komakino 2.0 store

Komakino Guerrilla Store Version 2.0 is a high-end fashion store, built around a nomad-concept: the store moves to a new location every year! Currently it’s located in Vancouver, Canada. Read more.



Article: The Implicit Dresscode

Published on August 11th, 2006


Cover of Delfinen #126

In our fourth article for Delfinen, published in September 2006 (#126), Helle Rohde Andersen and I tried to reveal the various dresscodes on the different faculties on campus. Although it was meant as a funny exaggeration, some people took it too seriously and I was actually threatened at a party, a couple of months later. Read more.



Article: Fashion Crisis Emergencies

Published on May 5th, 2006


Anne shows how you can avoid a fashion crisis

In this article, published in the May issue of Delfinen (#125), Helle Rohde Andersen and I give advice on how to deal with a fashion crisis.

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Article: How to flash your fash

Published on March 2nd, 2006


Regitze with a huge scarf, mittens and small shoesJesper in a checked shirt, skinny jeans and cowboy boots

In the March 2006 issue of Delfinen (#123) Helle Rohde Andersen and I wrote an article about fashion in the academic world. This was our second article in this series of fashion related articles for Delfinen.

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Article: The Need For a New Paradigm

Published on January 10th, 2006


Cover-page of the February 2006 issue of Delfinen

In the February 2006 issue (#122) of student magazine Delfinen, Helle Rohde Andersen and I wrote this introduction to our upcomming series of fashion related articles. Our main motivation, was to put fashion on the agenda in the academic world. Read more.